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As a stakeholder in the University's search for a new LMS, you need to be aware of the competing systems. Everyone on campus has different needs and wants. Some systems might meet current needs, but limit future growth. Other systems may not offer the exact features that we are familiar with, but might offer great potential in the future. Below you find a list of resources. These resources will allow you to become familiar with the most popular systems. You'll be able to compare features and even take them for a test-drive.

EduTools provides independent reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and consulting services to assist decision-making in the e-learning community. It is maintained by WCNET - the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications.
This site allows the user to compare Content Management Systems (CMS) by Product Name as well as filter each product by specific features.
The site is located here:
This Wikipedia article offers an in-depth look at Learning Management Systems. If you aren't sure what an LMS is, or what it should do, this article is a good resource. This article also offers links to related concepts and a variety of commercial and open source products.
You can read more about Learning Management Systems on Wikipedia at this address:
ANGEL Learning develops and markets the web-based learning management system - ANGEL LMS and ANGEL ePortfolio. Recognized as the leader in product innovation, these proven, powerful systems allow instructors the ability to easily and efficiently manage instruction, develop sophisticated, collaborative learning experiences, and, most importantly improve learning outcomes. ANGEL Learning and ANGEL LMS products evolved from research and teaching experience at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
The current version of ANGEL is their ANGEL Learning Management Suite 7.2.
You can read more about ANGEL and request a Sandbox for exploration at:
Blackboard is a provider of e-Education enterprise software applications and services, with five software applications bundled into two suites, the Blackboard Academic Suite and the Blackboard Commerce Suite.
You can read more about Blackboard and the two suites of products at:
Desire2Learn Inc. is a leader in providing innovative eLearning solutions to academic and other leading organizations around the world. Their offerings include an Enterprise eLearning Suite, which is comprised of the web-based Learning Environment, Learning Repository, and LiveRoom.
The current version of Desire2Learn is their Desire2Learn 8.1.
You can read more about D2L and explore their product at:
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) – an Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.
The current version of Moodle is Moodle 1.6.1.
You can read more about Moodle, their active user community and test drive the latest version at:
Sakai is an open source product that is built and maintained by the Sakai community. Sakai's development model is called “Community Source” because many of the developers creating Sakai are drawn from the “community” of organizations that have adopted and are using Sakai. The Sakai community is actively developing new Sakai tools: IMS Common Cartridge, SCORM, blog tool, shared whiteboard, shared display, multipoint audio, multipoint audio, pod-casting, IMS Tool Interoperability, and others.
The current version of Sakai is Sakai 2.3.1.
You can read more about Sakai, their active user community and test drive the latest version at:

Please note: Instructional modules explaining features of Blackboard, Desire to Learn and Moodle are available through Atomic Learning - licensed by the University. To access Atomic Learning log in to Zipline. The link can be found under the Faculty/Staff or the Student tab. Once in Atomic Learning scroll down the page to locate the specific modules.

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