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New Addition to UA Adult Focus: Charlene-Kemp Queener, Assistant Director

by Charlene Kemp-Queener

As I reflect upon the couple of months that I have spent in UA Adult Focus, one main theme that has resonated since my arrival is transition. I have made many transitions throughout my career in higher education. Most of my transitions have been caused by family, career, and educational obligations.  Can anyone relate to this? Yes, it has been challenging at times, however, I have been able to turn my “life” transitions into positive experiences that have resulted in my arrival to UA Adult Focus.

Transitions are important in life as it allows us to reflect, rejuvenate, and plan for our next move. As I work in UA Adult Focus, I have encountered adult and veteran students that are making important transitions in their lives. Whether coming back to school after a long absence, going from military to civilian life, or having just learned that you need a degree in order to stay employed, have been the “life” transitions that I have seen. What will make the difference in your transition will be your attitude, motivation, and determination.

What has been helpful during my transitions is to learn about resources and services that are available to assist me. I have surrounded myself with individuals that show me the benefits of networking. In addition, I have built collaborative bridges with others on campus and in the community. Furthermore, I have learned that making connections are integral components in “life” transitions and allow you to move forward in achieving your educational, career, and personal goals. “Life transitions” can be challenging; however, I have found since my arrival in UA Adult Focus that it is a great resource that approaches your “life transition” from a holistic perspective. This department understands the demands of balancing family, work, academic, and financial responsibilities into a meaningful college experience. 

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you so that I can offer my experience, expertise, and wisdom to your college experience. When you meet me, you will find an individual that will support, encourage, and challenge you to move to that next level. You will also find a person that is resourceful, knowledgeable, and willing to put forth that extra “smile” to make sure you know that someone cares about your “life transition” and obtaining your degree from The University of Akron.

The most important transition that I experienced has been my family. I am married to John Queener, Ph.D., a professor in the College of Education. I have four children, Malik (currently serving in the Army), Aisha (freshman in college), and Jelani and Jabari (my 40th birthday presents).  My educational transition started at The College of Wooster, where I received my B.A. in communications and was an all-American track athlete. In addition, I earned my M.S. in education from The University of Dayton.

Transitions will happen, allow me to assist you in moving forward.